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One of Our Projects is Physics II Project

FCI Physical Lab isn't such normal projects, it is a project which provides students to interact with its electrical lab in faculty of computers and information at Assiut university and getting the best benefits from it, without needing to instructors.
It contains explanation of all Videos and slides and the program.
the slides show the explanation details of the experiments . they help to understand the contain of experiment like tools,steps,theory and questions .
and So about Videos which show the experiments by Dr/Ahmed Jalal. these Videos provide students with information and details enough to be perfect . they help to revise before the practical exam .

Slides about Physics II Circuit Program

experiment 1

this slide is about
Wheastone Bridge

experiment 2

this slide is about
Tungsten-Filament Lamp

experiment 3

this slide is about
Resistance Temperature Dependance of A Semiconductor Resistors

experiment 4

this slide is about
Impedance of Inductors and Capacitors

experiment 5

this slide is about
Capacitive Reactance

experiment 6

this slide is about
Charge and Discharge of a Capacitor

experiment 7

this slide is about
Determination of unknown Capacitance Using a flashing neon lamp

experiment 8

this slide is about
Resistance in serials R_L_C Circuit

experiment 9

this slide is about
The Tangent Galvanometer<

experiment 10

this slide is about
Sensitivity of a galvanometer

experiment 11

this slide is about
Properties of A Photo-Conductive Cell

experiment 12

this slide is about
Audio Vision Session


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